Advanced spectroscopy solutions

Open Instruments designs and builds high-performance spectroscopy equipment, tailored to customer needs.

Our systems are developed in close collaboration with expert researchers from multiple laboratories. This approach both reduces development costs and guarantees that the system specifications can support cutting-edge research.

Open Instruments brings together credentialled researchers with international product designers to deliver customized lab-ready equipment to our global customer base.

Two such products, ready for order today, are AURA and EleQuant.

AURA is an absorption spectrophotometer capable of measuring light absorption with a sensitivity up to 1000x higher than the leading competitors.

EleQuant is an intensity and temperature-dependent spectrofluorometer for measuring the absolute photo or electroluminescence of semiconductor devices.

To talk to us about our products, or to discuss a custom solution for your research, please contact us today.


UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy with up to 1000x higher sensitivity


Intensity & temperature dependent spectrofluorometry