Presented below is a compilation of smaller components that have been undertaken as side projects alongside our primary product development efforts. These projects have arisen in response to specific customer demands or as essential elements required for our main instruments, but were not procurable from other commercial sources. Please feel free to assess their relevance to your research application and inform us if we can help.

Electrical Probes
The majority of electrical probes mounted on magnetic bases provide micrometer-level alignment capabilities, but they often come in a relatively large size. Through our observations, it became evident that excessively high alignment precision is unnecessary, and prioritizing compactness and cost-effectiveness holds greater significance. As a response to this, we have developed a magnetic base probe featuring a spring-loaded contact pin. The displayed version has a separate spring loaded voltage and current contact pins. The vertical probe adjustment is accomplished using a micrometer adjuster, horizontal alignment is performed manually by shifting the unit. SMA terminals ensures a dependable and detachable connection to a Source Meter Unit. Feel free to contact us if a modified version is of interest to you. 



Pyroelectric Detector
Pyroelectric detectors can serve as excellent spectral references in lock-in experiments. Variants are available that exhibit consistent spectral response from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR). We required a unit featuring analogue output and the capability to accommodate chopping frequencies of up to 1 kHz. While this project is work in progress, we encourage you to reach out to us if it aligns with the needs of your research endeavours.