Research fellows turned entrepreneurs

Anyone who has ever built a complex precision instrument knows how much work is involved to make it run accurately. Dr Kampwerth started Open Instruments to take specialized high-performance laboratory developments, refine them, and make them available to the broader R&D community. This is especially important as not every research group has the capacity to develop specialized measurement instruments from the ground up.

Dr. Henner Kampwerth

Founder and Director
Prior to founding OI, Henner led several $1 million+ international research projects and has overseen the management of three laser laboratories in the past eight years. His academic career includes five patents and 53 academic publications, and he is passionate about elegant engineering solutions of the highest quality.

Dr. Michael Pollard

Research & Development Director
Michael’s academic career includes one patent, 16 academic publications, the Sir William Siemens Medal and over seven years of hands-on experience with optics and laser systems.

Angus Keenan

Managing Director
Angus has extensive experience setting up solar manufacturing plants in multiple countries, before he returned to Australia to build and run UNSW’s Solar Industrial Research Facility, with the goal of commercializing research. Angus enjoys learning and analyzing different use cases for solar research and prototypes, and turning these into practical applications. 
We would also like to acknowledge the former contributions of Mr Nabi Genc as electrical designer and Mr Alejandro Bona as industrial designer.

Founders in Residence (FiR) at The University of New South Wales

Member of Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC)

UNSW’s industrial partner in ‘Ultra-sensitive scientific absorption- spectrometers’, ACAP Round 3, RG123662LQ

UNSW’s industrial partner in Commercial prototyping of a Photothermal Deflection Spectrometer, TechVouchers NSW